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Hi folks,

I just want to remind all members to not delay on renewing. I will be processing all payments and updating the roster April 30, the roster for May 1 will go up that night. If the park doesn’t see your name on the list, you may not be able to swim (well at least outside of the swim area).

Now I am going to make an appeal to you members that sometimes forget to renew in a timely manner, please renew promptly. We have already paid our insurance for the season, and the park dues are due shortly. We need over 150 members to break even or we will have to raise the dues. Currently we have only 50 current members and nearly half of them are new as of this year. From the start, Al and I wanted to keep the cost of membership low, but over the past few years, renewal rates have been very low. Over the past 6 years, Al and I have tested 900 people (we have probably been to the lake over 200 times just to test people), yet less than 1 in 5 actually return from year to year?

Seriously, if you use Shadowcliffs, please make a point to renew promptly, it only takes a few minutes. For those of you that promptly renew, thank you very much, you make it all possible.


Thank you kindly,
Al and John

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