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Come hell or high water…


If you are just joining the club, you might hear some of the veteran swimmers talking about the lake water level. I’ve been swimming at Shadow Cliffs for nearly 30 years. Back in the late 80’s we had some very wet winters and the lake level had risen quite far, two summers ago, we saw just the opposite. I don’t think I’ve photographed the lake either at its lowest or highest water level, but these two sets of photos come close to showing these two recent extremes. Personally, I prefer the high water mark.

Two years ago, the drought had gotten so bad, they were not refilling the lake and over the summer you could see the water level dropping. At one point, it was at least a 100 yard walk from the benches to the water. The paddle boat dock was completely high and dry. It is perhaps not as startling as the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan, but a lot closer to home.




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