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We will have our first Friday night Bracket race on Friday, June 7.

please click here to REGISTER FOR THE RACE: Register for the Bracket Race! please include your name, and your estimated swim time to the rock pile and back.

Here is the overview:
5:30-6:00 Collect contestant entry cards
6:00-6:10 Setup staging time for race assign racing numbers
6:10-7:00 Race to the rock pile and back
7:15-dusk Announce winners, eat pizza, clean up

Your entry card:
We’ll have 3×5 cards to fill out. You will put your name on the card and then your ET (estimated time). Your ET is the time you think it will take to start at the warning sign on the beach, get in the water, swim to the rock pile and back get out of the water and cross the start/finish line. We suggest you figure this out over the next few weeks when you go to the lake to swim.
We suggest you figure out your “fastest, most consistent time” to do the race. If you swim faster than your estimate (lower than your ET) you will be disqualified even if you finish fastest. The person that comes closest to their ET without going under will win.

Race staging:
Once we have all the contestants entry cards we will rank them slowest to fastest, if we have 10 people, and the slowest ET is 47:10 and the fastest is 22:14 the first person is assigned number 1 and will start at 00:00 on the clock, the fastest person will be assigned the number 10 and will be given their start time.

The Race:
Using the two swimmers listed above
Swimmer 1 (slowest swimmer) starts when the clock is 00:00
Swimmer 10 (fastest swimmer) starts when the clock is 24:56

Since the fastest swimmer can do the race in 24:56 less time than the slowest swimmer, they are held back. During the course of the swim they will catch up and in theory everyone should finish at the same time. The race is more about consistency than top speed.

After the race:
The winners will be announced and we will have drinks, snack and food for dinner. Then clean up.

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