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February Swim Test

I’d just like to thank our three newest members and Kevin Coady, for coming out today for their swim test. It was a beautiful sunny day with the occasional cloud, a bit on the cool side (as one can expect in February), with snow capped hills to south clearly visible from the lake. Mount Diablo to the north also had a dusting of snow, but you can’t see it from the lake.

The water was a cool 52 degrees F as Dan, Jake and Julie entered the water. I didn’t see a moment’s hesitation as they entered the water for the test and they all handily completed with smiles on their faces. Moments later Kevin joined the three of them for an inaugural swim across the lake to the rock pile and back for a brisk cool mile swim. For those of you who might not think it’s time yet to start your swimming, these four prove otherwise, and have the “Coots cold water swim caps” to prove it!


John and Al

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