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**** Breaking news, the T-shirts are here! ****

The term Dawn Patrol referred to the fly boys of WWI that would head out before sunrise on their patrols. Now in skiing, surfing, mountain biking (and in this case swimming) it refers to those who head out at sunrise or at least early, to beat the crowds.

Al and I would like to celebrate the opening of the new swim season with a Swim / Brunch on Saturday, May 22. You don’t have to arrive at dawn to participate. We plan on having hot coffee and the BBQ fired up around 9:30 – 10:00, just as most of you will be getting out from your swim. It’s pretty casual, but it should be a chance to see some faces from last year and open the season on a fun note. We are also hoping to have the cool new Orca’s T-shirts by then ($5)

Let us know if you think you can participate, Just click here: I’d like to attend the swim brunch

We will be testing new members that day too, for those who would like to join.

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