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It’s been a beautiful sunny week all this week and everyone is thinking we’re on the verge of spring. I finally had a chance to briefly go down to the lake and measure the water temperature. Unfortunately, I could only go part way out in the roped off swim area and could only measure a little over a foot deep or so. That being said, the temperature was a nearly pleasant 62 degrees F (those who know me, you know where an incomprehenisble statement like that comes from). Now let’s put this in context. The day was sunny, air temp was about 77 F, the measurements were taken in the mid afternoon (around 3:00) and part of the day, we had breeze blowing in toward the beach, which tends to blow the warmed surface water right into the beach area, there’s a good chance one would hit cold patches on the surface as one swims to the far wall. But ya know, I’ll take what I can get. To put it in perspective, the past three Saturdays water temps (at about the 2-3 foot depth), have been between 51-53 F and there was nearly no surface layer to speak of, brrrr.

Now this weekend, we’re supposed to have highs in the 70’s tomorrow is sunny as is Sunday, I sugest you get yourself down to the lake and go for a mid day swim, you might just really enjoy it. If you think you are, shoot me an e-mail: sign_up@shadowcliffsorcas.com, I might be able to come down and test you (after lunch on Saturday, and I might be available on Sunday) if you are thinking of joining the Orcas, or I’ll have the team caps, if you’ve not recieved yours yet.


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