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Well, the stars have aligned, no Superbowl to distract us, perfect Coot weather, and, the L’Esprit du les Coots and 2010 swim season high silicone quality swim caps arrived.

We’ll be meeting at Shadow Cliffs near the bench starting at 11:30 AM. We’ll have warm drinks on hand for after the swim and we expect most people won’t be hitting the water til about noon (it takes awhile to chip a hole big enough to fit through, in 3″ thick the ice). We’ll update the post tonight with the latest water temp. measurements.

The the 2010 member and the L’Esprit du les Coots swim caps, heavy duty, high quality pure silicone

How do you score one of these caps? We’ll we’re sneaking up on renewal time, or if you’re not a ShadowcliffsOrcas member yet, it’s time to become one. Existing members merely need to renew for the 2010 swim season ($25) at this event and they can get a limited addition Coots cap to add to their collection. (renewing now for $25 you save a $3 over buying a replacment cap for $8 and renewing at $20 in May). If you are not a member yet and are planning to join us now (2010 season) membership is $25 and includes the cap of your choice (see above). Your membership will be good through a May of 2011, such a deal. Everyone New members and renewing members will need to submit waivers (available here:

The waiver that needs to be filled out is on the second to last page.
More information on the swim test is here: https://shadowcliffsorcas.wordpress.com/about/ under the swim test heading.

Back to the event
The details:

  • Start time we’ll be setting up around 11:30 am, swimming a little later, if you’d like to help, it’s much appreciated
  • You can swim as much or as little as you like, but you ain’t getting a Coots cap unless you swim at least 1 lap in the lane line (300 yards) . 🙂
  • We’ll have warm water, coffee and tea, maybe cocoa, we ain’t Starbucks® ya know, if there’s something you like, bring some extra and share, that’d be nice!
  • I’ll try to set up an area for the food and piece of carpet instead of standing on the cold cement, maybe a propane heater setup
  • We’ll have some loner insulated caps on hand, of very limited quantity and size range
  • We’re trying to line up an escort kayak for those wanting to cross the lake, no quaranties though
  • New member sign ups are welcome, print and fill out a waiver and bring your payment
  • (john) will be on hand to give some tips on cold water swimming

Hope to see you there!

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