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For those of you that couldn’t be there, or those that call it a season when the water dips below 67F, here’s a chance to be there.

These birds are my companions when I am stuck swimming in the lane lines. I never see them until the water drops down to about 63 F and once the water warms back up above that, they’re gone… They have a predominanatly black head and neck, a creamy white beak, and it’s hard to see in these shots, but intense dark red eyes (kinda spooky looking). Okay, so it’s just an 80 second nature film, but just the same. 😉


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Okay, so I’m not the NBS (National Bureau of Standards), but they forgot to show up. Let’s briefly talk about data collection methods:

Other “sources”

  1. annectdotal 3rd party word of mouth
  2. direct reading from uncalibrated watches, thrown off by warmth of one’s body
  3. reading a non-calibrated thermometer hanging from a rope on one of the buoys, with tiny little tic marks, read while treading water, readings that are sometimes obscured by a drop of water

These measurements:

  1. use a digitial “instrument grade” Fluke 52 thermocouple readout (0.2 F resolution) with two type K thermocouples for better averaging
  2. readout was calibrated 18 hours prior to measurements in a frigorific ice-water mixture.
  3. readout was re-checked 2 hours after readings were taken (within 0.2 F of prior calibration) with same setup
  4. measured at multiple depths, below any surface thermocline


  1. Air temp: 60 – 61 degrees F
  2. slightly overcast (minimal solar heating of surface)
  3. smooth as glass lake surface (no aggitation of colder layers)

The visual proof (enjoy):

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