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Just us and the Coots

The coots
Well it’s that time of year, if you are hardy enough, don’t mind the cold water, you can have Shadow Cliffs nearly all to yourself as long as you’re willing to share the water with the Coots.

After years of swimming late into the season, I can tell you these are one of the most reliable indicators of water temperature you can have. These duck like looking birds don’t even show up until the water temperature drops below 65 F, and once you see more than a few, the water is just about guaranteed to be 63 F or less. For some better photos, try here: Coots

Now for most, this is just way too cold, but if you can work your way to colder water temps, this is one of the most delightful times of year. You really seem to have the park and lake to yourself, the fall foliage is colorful, the sky a brilliant blue and the park has a serene air about it.

I’ll post more later on how to work your way to becoming a cold water swimmer.

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