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Full Moon Deux, Friday September 4, 2009

Due to popular demand, we’ll be having our second full moon swim of the season. According to the US Naval Observatory, sunset is now 48 minutes earlier. On the last full moon swim we left the beach around 8:30, which had us the hitting the beach or leaving the point (depending on whether you did the rock pile and back, or small triangle) at astronomical twilight. Astronomical twilight is now 1 hour earlier so we need to hit the water about 10-15 minutes prior to that.

Since it will get darker sooner, we’ll bump up last swim’s schedule 30-45 minutes sooner, we’ll still have some good night swimming, but will be able to get out of the park a bit earlier. To save you from scrolling to the previous post, here’s the tentative schedule with the slightly earlier swim start times factored in.

The park staff will need to work a little late, so in return for this favor, we are offering to do a quick beach clean up, we’ll do a walk from one end of the beach to the other and pick up litter, some of us will wade through the shallow part of the swim area. I’ll have rubber gloves for people, though you don’t have to pick up anything you don’t want to. Al and I did a test walk, and it’s about 5-10 minutes from one end to the other.

Here’s the tentative “schedule”
Friday, September 4
6:00 PM start meeting
6:30 PM start beach cleanup walk
7:00 PM set out light sticks at rockpileĀ and point
7:15 PM Lite meal/BBQ (depending on number of folks “signing up”)
7:30 PM Full head count of all that are swimming, additional sign in
on the beach
7:45 PM Swim start
9:00 PM Last person out of the water and accounted for
9:15 PM clean up / stow kayaks and equipment
10:00 PM Park gates locked, you’re spending the night if you ain’t
out by then.

How dark will it be?
Sunset: 6:31 PM
Civil Twilight ends (horizon still visible) : 6:58 PM
Nautical Twilight ends (don’t know what this looks like): 7:29 PM
Astronomical twilight ends (okay it’s dark now for sure): 8:02 PM

Given the moon will be out, you should be to see the far wall, (the point and rockpile) when we start out and be guided by lights on the beach on the for the return leg. One boat or kayak will set out the light sticks and follow the last folks in.

(note: we now have the glow light sticks markers and glow braclets which will be issued to each swimmer and we have two kyaker’s lined up too)
The night swims are really fun and different. The evening should be incredibly pleasant, the water warm, and glass smooth.

When we start the swim, this should be the approximate visibility:
Swim start at 8:30 PM

Keep in mind we will have glow stick markers showing the point, rock pile and return to the beach as well as kayaks and everyone will have a glow bracelet. It should be a colorful event.

Anyone not a member yet is welcome to sign up earlier in the evening, though please let me know if you are interested ahead of time at: sign_up@shadowcliffsorcas.com

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