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First let me say: “yes, Inaugural is misspelled on the cap image, my bad, it’s bein’ fixed”. We’re getting replacement caps for all of this year’s team members. This two color SILICONE cap will be gorgeous and long lasting, and with the “Inaugural Member Est. 2009” emblazoned on the cap, it is our way of saying thanks, and your way of saying “I was there at the beginning”.

Silicone Cap

“How do I get one of those cool caps?” you say. Well, if you are a member of Shadowcliffs Orcas already, nothin!, you’ll be getting one, we’ll be giving them out to members down at the lake.

If you aren’t a Member of Shadowcliffs Orcas already, just contact us, Inaugural membership is extended through September, 2009! What’s that mean? It means that you not only qualify for the $25 annual membership for the 2009 year, you are also guaranteed a renewal fee of $25 or less for the 2010 swim year.

Remember we’ll line up a test time that works within your busy schedule. Just e-mail us at: sign_up@shadowcliffsorcas.com

Thanks to all you folks we’ve got over 150 team mates, you’re sure to find someone to swim with 7 days a week.

So, in conclusion, why become a member of Shadowcliffs Orcas?

  1. We have the largest membership of open water swimming aficionados (over 150) so you’ll always find a buddy to swim/train with.
  2. We have the low, low pricesĀ  ($25/year) (cause we are not-for-profit)
  3. We have fun swim events like the full moon swim (see the previous post)
  4. We got the really cool SILICONE cap

John and Al

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